Electronic signature in the branch offices of the Cantonal Bank of Berne (Berner Kantonalbank - BEKB)

Berner Kantonalbank AG, Berne / Switzerland

After a successful project completion, clients of the Cantonal Bank of Berne can now sign their transactions electronically.

As in various other banks, the first phase involved implementing the electronic signature for applications at the transaction counters of the branch offices of the Cantonal bank of Berne, in order to further optimize their procedures with the help of automated, electronic processes.

The first phase already included the client-server-based target architecture and deployed 10-inch signature tablets.

Sophisticated project with intelligent contingency concepts

After analysing existing processes and systems at the transaction counter, high-volume application cases were identified, which had to be made available both online and offline (in emergency operation mode). After an intensive pilot run, the solution can now be rolled out across Switzerland in real-time.