Point of sale authentication in A1 Telekom shops

A1 Telekom AG, Vienna / Austria

Employees at A1 stores used to sign out each time they left their work spaces. This was also necessary when they had to switch to a different screen while advising a customer. Documents or information that was gathered or created for the customer had to be re-entered at the new work space.

The continuous signing on and off (including authentication) was very time-consuming, and employees sometimes “forgot” to do it.


With the new solution, employees can take their personal desktop to any random work space. Via smartcard and PIN, the current Citrix session can be re-created within seconds.


About A1 Telekom Austria AG

With around 5.7 million mobile phone customers and 2.3 land line connections, the company is Austria’s leading communication provider.


A1 employs around 8,800 employees.